Charlotte’s Web Chooses New CFO

  • Charlotte’s Web has chosen former international CFO for Molson Coors Beverage Co., Wessel Booysen, as their new CFO.
  • Charlotte’s Web CEO, Deanie Elsner, feels confident that Booysen’s experience with international efforts makes him a prime pick for the company, who wants to expand their branches globally.
  • Booysen will be replacing the outgoing CFO, Russ Hammer, who retires in August and will assist Booysen with a planned two-month transition.

CBD giant Charlotte’s Web Holdings has officially chosen their new chief financial officer (CFO). They have selected Wessel Booysen, who was the former international CFO for Molson Coors Beverage Co.

During his time with Molson Coors, Booysen oversaw international expansion as well as strategic M&A. He led the beverage company’s campaigns in Asia and Australia. He will be replacing former CFO, Russ Hammer, who is retiring. 

Charlotte’s Web CEO, Deanie Elsner, feels that Booysen’s experience with international efforts makes him the perfect candidate for a position with a company with global ambitions.

“Wes brings a skill set and leadership style well-suited for our international expansion initiatives and visionary culture. He has an exceptional record for building and developing high performance teams with high engagement on an international basis,” Elsner said in a press release.

“Wes’ background in the internationally regulated alcoholic beverage business is highly applicable to our sector. His technical acumen and financial planning and reporting experience will also be instrumental in our forward expansion plans.”

The outgoing CFO, Russ Hammer, is set to retire in August, at his two-year anniversary with Charlotte’s Web. He plans on assisting Booysen in a planned two-month transition.

Charlotte’s Web trades on the TSX as CWEB.

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