Coronavirus Financial Aid for Hemp Farmers Currently on Hold

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  • The USDA has momentarily put a hold on relief payments going out to hemp farmers as part of a coronavirus financial aid package.
  • The hold is part of a directive from the White House created to review programs put in place by the Trump administration.
  • The payments are on hold “until further notice,” however, farmers can continue to apply for the relief assistance through February 26th.

Due to the changing administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has decided to put a temporary hold on the federal pandemic financial assistance that was set aside for hemp farmers across the country.

The payments on hold “until further notice” fall under the newest round of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, and are currently being reviewed by the new administration of the USDA. Farmers can continue to apply through the 26th of February.

The hold put on these relief payments is part of a directive from the White House to review programs put in place by the Trump administration. In a note, the USDA promised hemp farmers that help was on the way, but did not specify when or what that help was. They also stated:

“In the coming days, USDA and the Biden Administration intend to take additional steps to bring relief and support to all parts of food and agriculture during the coronavirus pandemic, including by ensuring producers have access to the capital, risk management tools, disaster assistance, and other federal resources.”

Last week, the USDA also suspended past-due debt collections along with foreclosures for borrowers under the Farm Storage Facility Loan and the Direct Farm Loan programs.

The USDA stated that the extended hold on debt collections “is expected to continue while the national COVID-19 disaster declaration is in place.”

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