FDA Officials Say Research on CBD and Other Cannabinoids Is A Priority

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  • Officials high up in the FDA have stated that research on CBD and other cannabinoids has become a priority for the agency.
  • Leader of the CBD Working Group, Dr. Amy Abernethy, made the statement during a conference on Thursday.
  • Dr. Abernethy stated that the FDA will keep the public informed as they make new scientific discoveries about CBD and other cannabinoids.

Officials of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claimed on Thursday that research for CBD, CBN, CBG, and other cannabinoids has become a priority for the agency. They acknowledge the need for this science due to the interest in the market and the number of CBD products already being sold on shelves everywhere.

The statement was made by Dr. Amy Abernethy, a deputy commissioner of food and drugs and the leader of the FDA’s CBD Working Group. It was discussed during a conference pertaining to cannabinoids and gender.

“We are committed to advancing hemp products with available regulatory pathways, and we are further exploring what additional steps may be appropriate for hemp products, such as those containing CBD, to protect patients and public health, foster innovation for safe products and promote consumer confidence,” Dr. Abernethy stated.

Dr. Abernethy feels there are “mounting needs” to consolidate current knowledge on CBD products and communicate to the public the gaps in knowledge they discover through research.

“Where data gaps are identified, the CBD Working Group is exploring how additional research can be quickly performed and do so efficiently in order to address these critical questions of safety and effectiveness of CBD,” she said.

The CBD Working Group is a part of the FDA that was formed early last year to identify gaps in knowledge on CBD products. They also consider different pathways for CBD products and how their lawful marketing can impact public health.

Dr. Abernethy reassured that the FDA will continue to update the public as they learn more about CBD and other cannabinoids. Their information will be based on data and science, and will include the potential differing effects that CBD has on men and women.

“Women may be more likely than men to use CBD products to treat their conditions such as pain, anxiety, depression,” Dr. Abernethy stated.

A Long-Awaited Act

Farmers, advocates, business owners, and other players in the hemp and CBD industry have been patiently waiting on the FDA to make cannabis a priority. Once the agency discovers some truths first-hand regarding CBD, we can begin to see long-awaited regulations being put into place. This would help eliminate gray areas in the laws for the hemp industry and would allow for faster and more expansive growth.

This is an act that is long overdue, and is a welcome sight that finally provides some light at the end of the tunnel for the restrictions CBD currently faces.

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