First Shipment of Australian Hemp Seed Successfully Exported to New Zealand

Harbor at Sydney, Australia
  • Australia has successfully exported their first shipment of hemp seed to New Zealand.
  • The export was made possible due to new legislation that compliments a law change that the Australian federal government made back in November of 2019.
  • Although the amount of hemp seed exported is not known, the new change allows Australian hemp producers to enter the global market that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The global hemp industry reached a new milestone this week as Australia shipped its first export of hemp seeds to New Zealand. The export comes shortly after the Australian government passed legislation in order to loosen trade regulations.

“The new legislation removes unnecessary barriers and will support better access to international markets for the emerging hemp and medicinal cannabis industries,” stated David Littleproud, Australian Minister of Agriculture.

Littleproud wants to help ensure that the federal government in Australia supports exporters and does their part to help them succeed.

“To help us achieve this, we need to ensure that we have appropriate regulatory settings to enable exports to grow and in turn to help drive productivity and increase returns at the farm gate,” he said.

The new legislation could allow better support in exporting hemp products such as hemp food products, seeds, raw hemp, and health powders. The legislation also piggybacks the government permitting the sale and consumption of hemp seed foods with low THC levels back in November of 2017.

These two law changes combined make overseas exporting much less complicated for Australia, and allows producers of hemp the chance to enter the global hemp market that is worth over $500 million.

“For Australian farmers, reliable access to overseas markets means increased profitability and certainty for further investment in their properties and people,” Littleproud stated.

The date and amount of hemp seed that was exported to New Zealand is not yet known.

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