Texas University and Grow Lights Partner to Study Lighting Effects on Hemp

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  • UTA is partnering with a subsidiary of Light Engine Design Corp. to research different lighting effects on terpenes found in hemp.
  • Mr. Kevin Schug of UTA will be working with the subsidiary company known as Curtis Mathes Grow Lights.
  • The company did not reveal how much funding is going toward the research.

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is teaming up with Curtis Mathes Grow Lights to examine the different lighting effects on terpenes and various other molecules found in hemp. Curtis Mathes Grow Lights is a subsidiary of Light Engine Design Corp.

Kevin Schug of UTA along with UTA’s Collaborative Laboratories for Environmental Analysis and Remediation will be the ones working alongside Curtis Mathes Grow Lights. Mr. Schug is a Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry and serves as the Director of Clear at UTA.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of this research with an industrial partner, which produces some unique lighting technologies.  Through comprehensive chemical analysis of plant constituents, we will be able to clearly understand the beneficial and deleterious effects of different lighting schemes on hemp growth,” said Schug.

Light Engine believes that their research will be the first to closely examine the potential phytochemical changes in hemp that are a result of saturating, excitation, and resetting photoreceptors found in hemp.

COO of Light Engine Design Corp., Robert Manes, stated in a press release:

“While we hypothesize that spectral switching and the toggling of supplemental red light will have profound effects on plant growth and phytochemical expression, there is not much available data in the hemp sector that explores this. As such, we are extremely fortunate to collaborate with Dr. Schug whose team will help us characterize the Emerson Effect with extremely high resolution chemical analyses.”

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