Agriculture Officials in Florida Report Finding Hemp Products With Elevated Lead Levels

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  • Agriculture officials in Florida have alerted federal agencies after reports of hemp products that possess elevated levels of lead.
  • The lead was found in random samples that have been pulled from the shelves of different retailers across Florida.
  • The U.S. EPA and FDA are currently working with Florida’s agriculture department to investigate the contamination.

Federal agencies have been alerted after Florida agriculture officials find hemp products on the shelves of stores with elevated levels of lead.

Holly Bell, Florida’s hemp czar, informed the Florida Hemp Advisory Committee earlier this week that random samples pulled from stores were tested and showed “a toxic waste-level concentration” of lead.

“Where we’re finding it is in random samples that have already been bottled, that we pull from retail locations in the state of Florida. The RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) limit for lead, for consumer consumption is 5.5 (parts per billion) – and we’re finding findings that range from 6.5 up to as high as 18.5 (parts per billion),” Bell stated.

Bell also said that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are collaborating with Florida’s agriculture department as the source of the contamination is being investigated.

It is not yet known what products were contaminated and if anyone had gotten ill from them. It is believed, but not confirmed, that these contaminants could be tied to a recall put out by Summit Labs due to their findings of high lead content.

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