Duke Energy Donates Money to Students Building Eco-Friendly Hempcrete House

College Students
  • A South Carolina energy company is donating money to a group of students who are building a tiny house made of hempcrete.
  • The recipients of the money are part of the Construction and Architectural Engineering and Technology program at Greenville Technical College.
  • Duke Energy is giving out grants to programs like these to help better the community for “years to come.”

Duke Energy, a South Carolina-based energy company, is donating a chunk of money to a group of college students as a part of their $240,000 investment to different programs. The students receiving the money are part of the Construction and Architectural Engineering and Technology program at Greenville Technical College.

The students in this program are working together to build tiny “smart” homes that are made of hempcrete and reclaimed building materials. Duke Energy did not provide the amount of funding the students are receiving for the program.

“We have a long history of targeting investments to have the greatest impact for our communities,” stated Mike Callahan, who serves as South Carolina state president for Duke Energy.

“This year has proven a challenge for many education organizations and programs across the state. That’s why it is even more critical today to continue that tradition and help strengthen the workforce pipeline needed to fuel the Palmetto State’s economic engine now and in the years to come.”

The hempcrete that will be used in the project is being provided by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. The house will begin construction on the Greenville campus and migrate to Summerton for final assembly. 

More than $2 million annually is provided by the Duke Energy Foundation to nonprofit organizations across South Carolina. They are one of the largest energy holding companies in the United States and provide jobs for 30,000 people.

Other organizations that received their grant include:

  • South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities
  • Francis Marion University
  • Florence County School District 2
  • Associated Industries of South Carolina Foundation
  • Town of Summerton
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