Green Gorilla Review

In this Green Gorilla review from The CBD Guru we will look at what this CBD company has to offer. With a plentiful variety of CBD-rich hemp products, Green Gorilla entices a consumer to try some of their powerful formulas.

The brand takes it a step further than just sharing the love of CBD. They understand the potential hemp has as a renewable source for paper or pulp, building materials, plastics, textiles, biofuel, foods, medicines, and so much more.

Their mission is not just to help their community heal their bodies and minds, but to preserve the environment through the vast opportunity hemp brings to the world.

We were happy we got the chance to try out Green Gorilla’s products, and we’re excited to share our experience with you. Providing both the pros and cons, the bright sides and the downsides, we want to show you what it’s like to shop with the brand, what their products were like, what makes them different, and more.

If you’ve been deciding whether or not you want to shop with Green Gorilla for their CBD products, this may be the exact guide you’re looking for.

Green Gorilla Overview

Established: 2014

Products Available: pure CBD, full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD topicals, CBD for pets, CBD for horses

Expected Price Range: $3.99 (1ml glass dropper) to $599.99 (7,500mg pure CBD oil and CBD oil for horses) or $1,000 (Green Gorilla E-gift cards)

Summary: Using a special proprietary formula to increase the bioavailability of their hemp products, Green Gorilla is a CBD brand that we’re intrigued by. They appear to put quality first, and we wanted to give them a fair opportunity to really test out their products as well as the entire Green Gorilla shopping experience. 

Green Gorilla’s Third-Party Lab Testing

The lab testing for the most recent batch of each product can be found directly on each product page of the Green Gorilla web platform. We were delighted to see the complexity of their third-party lab reports. 

Not only do they test for residual solvents and other contaminants like propane, butane, benzene, pesticides and more, but they also provide a full cannabinoid and terpene profile.

We were glad to see the clarification since they do offer full-spectrum CBD products. It’s always worth noting what combination of cannabinoids and terpenes you’re going to experience with each serving.

Our Experience with Different Green Gorilla Products

Pure CBD

The only two flavor options for the Pure CBD oil appeared to be lemon flavored and natural hemp. Not a huge fan of the way hemp tastes by itself, we went for the lemon flavor. They had 5 strengths to choose from: 150mg, 600mg, 1,500mg, 3,000mg, and a powerful 7,500mg.

While we were curious to try the 7,500 mighty monster of a CBD product, that one’s about $600. So we went with something that’s more in line with both our tolerance for cannabinoids and our budget for this review.

We went for the 1,500mg, which had a promising list of just four ingredients. 1,500mg pure CBD, organic extra virgin olive oil, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, and a GG BioEnhanced Complex, which is their proprietary process for making the product more bioavailable overall.

One of the biggest things to love about this product is the bottle it comes in. Instead of droppers of CBD oil like we’re used to, it uses a pump nozzle to deliver oil that way. They recommended about 5 pumps a day for this strength or a daily serving of 50mg CBD. Overall, it delivered an impressive array of results faster than we’d anticipated.

CBD Topicals

There were three CBD topical products at the time of this review, but we’re happy to see Green Gorilla continue to release new products regularly. The products available were a botanical CBD balm, a CBD lip balm, and a CBD balm for pets. As we’re so used to trying CBD salves and other topicals directly for the skin, we decided to chance it and give the CBD lip balm a try.

The lip balm contained 20mg CBD in its entirety, which we did find as a small amount, but it did appear to do everything we were looking for a lip balm to do. It moisturized the lips and seemed to seal in the moisture to prevent so many frequent reapplications like we so often find ourselves doing with a regular chapstick. We can’t say that it was just the CBD that was benefiting us with this product. We’ll definitely be back to use it again regardless of the primary effective ingredient.

CBD Gorilla Gummies

The gummies from Green Gorilla comes in a convenient travel-sized pack of 4 gummies, or a 300mg bottle containing 60. Certified Kosher, gelatin-free, non-GMO, and made with 95% organic ingredients, the gummies were a delicious berry blend on the tongue.

The decadent sweet that hits your tongue from the cane sugar, pectin, and organic Tapioca sings to the taste buds. Then, you just move on about your day and reap the benefits for longer once they start to take effect. You can eat 2 to 4 gummies a day, so we went with 4. We hope they’ll increase the strength options for their gummies in the future to see higher and even lower strength gummies available.

Green Gorilla CBD for Horses

If you are looking to try CBD for your horse or are looking for other CBD options then Green Gorilla offers a formula specifically for horses. Green Gorilla claims it to be the highest quality CBD for horses. It contains absolutely no THC and does not have any psychoactive properties. CBD for horses has become increasingly popular of late. Many horse lovers believe strongly that CBD helps their horses. More people would probably try CBD for their horses but it gets expensive because of their sheer size. So if you have the means this would definitely be a brand worth looking at.

Green Gorilla Fun Facts

  • Green Gorilla was given a Grade A rating by the Center for Food Safety
  • Though they are based in Malibu, California, Green Gorilla also has a physical location in Brazil!
  • They try to employ farming techniques that protect and benefit the environment, animal welfare, and human communities
  • Farming partners in Oregon, Nevada, California, and Arizona. The also operate and own over 1,500 acres of organic farmland themselves
  • Free shipping is provided on all orders over $75
  • Diverse team of specialists that make up Green Gorilla come together to try to push the boundaries of the CBD industry with the help of their community
  • Over 25 different high-quality CBD products available or featured as coming soon – tremendous variety to choose from!
  • Support phone number, contact form, and social media communities make it easy to reach out to the brand for customer service
  • Creating an account lets you earn reward points to be able to use for exclusive deals and discounts
  • Impressive range of CBD strength between different products demonstrates their ability to accommodate for different needs
  • No free shipping for every order – only for orders $75 and up
  • 30-day return policy only counts for unopened/sealed products in their original packaging

The CBD Guru’s Final Thoughts on Green Gorilla

Have you gotten the chance to try Green Gorilla? Let us know in the comments what product was your favorite and what your experience was like!



9/10 – If there were an easier way to differentiate between their full-spectrum and pure CBD lines, we think they may have gotten a perfect 10.


9/10 – Everything feels fairly reasonably priced until you get to their 7500mg strength bottles. However, we understand why they’re so much pricier.


9/10 – All third-party lab tests are available on each individual product page; however, we couldn’t find if they do genuine batch-testing for their products, so we had to take a mark off.


10/10 – They use a minimal amount of ingredients that have been organically sourced. Also have thorough lab testing for efficacy and safety.


10/10 – Building an international brand isn’t easy, and they’ve done so while still making ethical and sustainable choices. There is also an initiative to ensure clean water is available across the globe for future and current generations.


4.7 stars

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Green Gorilla has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Green Gorilla products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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