Best Rated CBD Products of 2020

As you might have guessed, we’re here to talk about the best CBD products you can find on the market today. Our goal with this page is that whether you are looking for a CBD-infused face mask, CBD oils or even CBD pet treats, you will find the absolute best product for your needs.

We’ll kick things off by highlighting some of our top sellers here at TheCBDGuru. These are products that our visitors order time and time again and for good reason. We highly recommend these products:

These products are the best that the CBD market currently has to offer. Our team of CBD experts has taken hours and hours of time to go through to ensure that these products were the best available.

These are all products our team have used themselves, so we feel fully comfortable recommending them to you. 

Different Kinds of CBD Products You Can Buy

If you keep reading, you will see that we also outline the different categories of our best CBD products so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Vape Oil
  • CBD Edibles
  • Capsules and Pills
  • CBD Creams / Topicals
  • CBD Drinks
  • CBD for Pets
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Bath & Body

CBD Oils

CBD oil is among the most popular forms of CBD. With so many different CBD oils on the market today, it’s important to find only the best. There are plenty of different brands and products to sort through, so we would definitely recommend using the products we’ve listed here as a starting point. For more information, check out our guide to the best CBD oils.

CBD Vape Oils

Vapes are a growing trend these days, and the CBD market is taking full advantage. There are many different forms of CBD oils in vape form that you can get. Vape pens are a really easy way to take CBD at home or on the go. Click the link to learn more about CBD vape oils.

CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles are another great way to get your CBD fix in. Edibles can come in bite-size candies or other chewable tablets. Click the link to learn more about CBD edibles and whether or not they would be right for you.

CBD Capsules and Pills

CBD pills are one of the easiest ways to take your CBD. Being in a pill form it’s easy to take right in the morning with your other vitamins, or before you go to sleep. This is also a tasteless option for those looking for the effect more than flavors or texture. Check out our page dedicated to CBD capsules and pills to learn more.

CBD Creams / Topicals

CBD creams may seem like they might not work as well as some of the other products you can get on the market, but that’s not true! The different topical creams and facial creams work wonders as a moisturizer and still get CBD into your system. Check out our page dedicated to CBD creams and topicals to learn more!

CBD Drinks

Who doesn’t love a nice cold beverage? Wouldn’t you love it more if it was infused with CBD? We thought so too! If you are curious about learning more about different kinds of drinks that are mixed with CBD, read our full guide which you can find here.

CBD for Pets

Wait, is CBD safe for pets? That’s a great question; it sure is! There are many different types of CBD products that are 100% pet-friendly. While all methods of ingesting CBD might not be pet safe, such as vaping, there are many different ways to give CBD to your pet that is safe for them. To learn more specifics about this and how you should give your pet CBD, read our guide to pets and CBD.

CBD Gummies

If you are a fan of gummy bears, then you will be a fan of CBD gummies! This is a delicious little treat you can give yourself that also comes packed with all the health benefits that CBD has to offer! These gummies come in many different flavors and doses. If you want to learn more, read our guide to CBD gummies.

CBD Bath & Body

CBD bath bombs and lotion are not some of the most popular items in the CBD market right now, but definitely worth trying. Using CBD products can turn a nice relaxing bath into a bath with double the relaxation! There are a lot of benefits to CBD bath products, and if you want to learn more you should read our detailed page on the subject.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best CBD Products

If you have no idea where to start your CBD journey, this is a great place to start. Our buyer’s guide will give you key advice and important tips that you should be aware of before purchasing CBD of any kind.

Helpful Tips For Getting Started

Assess Your Needs

This is priority number one. Why would you even start looking at products if you don’t even know what you want? It’s not like you woke up this morning and decided that you needed to buy a snowblower if you live in the desert; that just doesn’t make sense!

If you’re going to purchase CBD products of any kind, you first and foremost need to assess what your needs are as a customer. We here at are here to help in any way we can. We have products that will work for just about anything you need. To get a better understanding of what your needs may be and to really understand what CBD can do for you, be sure to check out our beginners guide to CBD.

Set a Budget

Some people might not have to worry about a budget, but for most people, a budget is vital. Even if you do have a good chunk of change to spend, why spend more than you have to?

Make sure that you have a budget set in place for the CBD products you want to purchase, especially if you are looking to get a monthly subscription to a particular product or brand.

Choose the Type of CBD Product You Want to Use

With so many products out there, you need to figure out which is best for you. While a good majority of people may prefer CBD oils, you might be someone that prefers to use a topical cream. 

There is no right and wrong way to take CBD, all products come in different dosages so feel free to try different products to see what works best.

How to Choose the CBD Product That’s Right For You

#1 – Ensure it has the Proper Dosage

With how many CBD products out there, there are also many different doses. Some ways of taking your CBD may come with a higher dosage, so you’ll want to be sure you are careful not to buy a product that has more than you are expecting.

Luckily, most products can be purchased with varying doses, so no matter what product you want, you can most likely find the dosage you’re looking for.

#2 – Confirm It’s in Your Price Range

One thing you do not want to do is get involved in something that you cannot afford. A lot of people really enjoy CBD and the health benefits it can bring, but we would never recommend you start with something you can’t afford.

Please make sure you find your budget and stick to it!

#3 – Purchase from a Trusted Source

With the CBD industry still being relatively new to the market, you’ll want to make sure you’re not going to some shady site and buying CBD products that could potentially be a scam. All the products we recommend on our site are from trusted vendors that we have thoroughly vetted and completely trust.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for “Cannabidiol.” It is an extract from hemp (which is a type of cannabis plant) that is used to make oils and other CBD products. CBD on its own only contains trace amounts of THC, which is found most commonly in marijuana. Because of the micro amounts left after extraction, CBD cannot get you high.

If you want to learn more about CBD, you can visit our what is CBD page for a complete breakdown and a more thorough explanation.

CBD Products FAQ

Are these products safe to use while pregnant?

This type of question you would want to take up with your doctor. We are not doctors and cannot offer medical advice. There are a lot of studies out there that say different things. Our recommendation would be to trust your gut and speak with your doctor. If you have concerns, it might be best to wait to take CBD until after your pregnacny.

Is CBD legal?

Yes. Hemp-derived CBD is completely legal. It shouldn’t be confused with marijuana. The major difference between the two is the THC content. Marijuana may not be fully recognized and legal in all areas of the world, however, CBD derived from hemp is legal in the US on a federal level but you should also consult your state and local laws.

What CBD strength should I use?

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what your CBD dosage should be. Obviously the larger you are, the more you could potentially handle. Our recommendation would be to start as small as possible and see how your body responds to it. Then, work your way up from there to avoid any unnecessary complications.